Celebrating Those the DCnU Left Behind

50 Favorite Comic Characters (In No Order)

Cassandra Cain (DC Comics)

Favorite DC Characters in no particular order: Stephanie Brown


Dream Teams/Titles -> Misfits: Cassandra Cain aka Batgirl, Connor Hawke aka Green Arrow, Rose Wilson aka Ravager, Owen Mercer aka Captain Boomerang, Thad Thawne aka Inertia, Grace Choi, Anissa Pierce aka Thunder, Jennifer Pierce aka Lightning, Stephanie Brown aka Spoiler, and Lashwana skim the lines of good and bad as the turbulence of the cruel, dark world of their pasts and presents weighs on their morality!

I kind of want this to have an ‘Outsiders’ feel to it.




A request.  Flash looks on as Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain fade from reality.

*sobbing as I miss Cass*




A request.  Flash looks on as Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain fade from reality.


*sobbing as I miss Cass*


Lost ladies of Gotham.



Beth Chapel, Yolanda Montez, Stephanie Brown, Renee Montoya

These four women took on the legacies of four male heroes: Doctor Mid-nite, Wildcat, Robin and The Question. All four legacy titles are currently held by male characters in the DCU. Beth Chapel was killed and the legacy of Doctor Mid-Nite fell onto Pieter Cross. Yolanda Montez was killed and the original Wildcat, Ted Grant, retook the title. Stephanie Brown was the fourth person to hold the title of Robin, she was killed and revived, but not as Robin. The Robin title was passed onto Damian Wayne. Renee Montoya was taken out of DC continuity as of the New 52 and the Question role was returned to Vic Sage.

These women took on heroic roles that had belonged to men and they were all replaced by men. Three were killed in the process. Three were Women of Color. One was a lesbian.Only one has a chance of ever returning to their role. We’re not forgetting any of them.

It sounds like Beth might be the Earth-2 Doc Mid-Nite but I’m really not sure I trust Robinson….

Cass Cain Fan Campaign


The idea is that on, let’s say, August 31st, fans goes to comixology and buy Batgirl #1.

The goal is to get her on the bestseller list for the day (or longer) and prove to DC that she’s not “toxic” and there are still fans who want to read about the character.

So, anyone interested?


Stephanie Brown - Batgirl

Costume made and worn by breathless-ness

Photography by Pireze

Cowl made by Reevz



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This is amazing.